Harold, Geraldine's first traveling companion.


Biographical TableEdit

Main Detail Detail Description
First Appearance The Beginning Adventures of an Olympian Athlete
Hometown Cobalt City
Region Geralo
Ribbon Awarded

Coordination Ribbon


Harold was born and raised in Cobalt City in the Cobalt Gym which has been in his family since his father was the Gym Master. However, when both his parents died in a car accident in a severe thunderstorm when he was four, his two older sisters and one older brother took over as the Cobalt Gym Masters. At first, they took their jobs seriously, however, after 50% of their challengers beat them, they took to figure skating and stopped being serious Gym Masters. However, they did take good care of Harold and taught him about what being an Olympian Athlete is all about before and after they stopped being serious about their jobs. Eventually, Harold left to gain more experience and become a better athlete. When he met Geraldine Finster as she began her Olympian Athletics Journey and saved him from a stampede of buffalo, sustaining heavy injuries in the process, Harold risked everything he could to get her to the Emergency Room at the Olympian Athlete Rest Area building in Alizarin City where she was nursed back to health by lunchtime. Out of gratitude for saving his life, Harold taught Geraldine about the basics of being an Olympian Athlete. Unfortunately, at the Alizarin Gem Museum, the two met rival athletes, the Radcilffe Twins who lost an unfair challenge and were their bitter rivals ever since. After Geraldine earned the Flexibility Ribbon by winning against Isabelle Harland, the Pthalo Gym Master, the latter explained to the duo that she was so inspired by her newest challenger's abilities that she wanted to join her too but couldn't because of her brothers and sisters. However, her parents appeared and told their oldest daughter and child that they would take care of all of that while she was gone and the three of them were a trio ever since. Eventually however, Harold's older siblings put him in charge of the Cobalt Gym and eventually, he became the official Cobalt Gym Master!



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